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Shenzhen Environmental & Energy Research Institute is dedicated to solve problems facing environmental engineering, energy and environmental protection equipment development. It is a design and consulting company that applies advanced technologies to solve application problems. The company has a team of experts that are senior engineers with years of experience from leading institutions in industry. The company follows highest standards of professional practices with every effort to improve technology innovation abilities. It is working to become world-class comprehensive solutions provider.

Technical services include:

●CFD analysis / flow design of diesel aftertreatment system

Power plant / boiler desulfurization, NOx, dust removal flow design, CFD analysis

Organic waste gas (VOCs) regenerative combustion oxidation of RTO heat exchanger design CFD analysis

Automotive aerodynamics design

Thermodynamic calculation and design

Experimental test and conceptual design of air pollutants

Agency software includes:

General purpose CAE analysis simulation software -STAR-CCM+ complete (structure / fluid / electromagnetic)

The engine CFD analysis software -CONVERGE

The concept and system of engine vehicle integrated simulation analysis software -GT-SUITE module set

Kinetic simulation software for combustion and pollutant reactions -CHEMKIN

Open source software customization service

  Corporate Culture

    ●Trust employees with value of hard work and dedication, acknowledge their achievements, and provide motivating environment.

    ●Create an excellent working environment and development prospects for employees.

    ●Provide high quality services to customers and to maximize the value of professional products and services with sincerity and strength to win the customer's respect and support.

    ●Perform continuous innovation, follow the international frontier technologies, lead technology development in local market, and facilitate manufacturing upgrade and innovation. 

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CFD simulation and optimization of SCR denitration flow field

CFD simulation and optimization of SCR denitration... Release time:2017-10-11 14:40:15

We are capable of performing (1) system pressure loss prediction; (2) SCR injection configuration definition and optimization; (3) full 3D optimization of flow guides.

Industrial wet flue gas desulfurization device (WFGD) CFD simulation

Industrial wet flue gas desulfurization device (WF... Release time:2017-10-15 19:44:09

Power plant desulfation process optimization by CFD.We developed complicated process to digitally optimize the wet desulfation process that include two phase spray and flue gas modeling.

SCR numerical analysis of urea sprays under cross flow condition

SCR numerical analysis of urea sprays under cross ... Release time:2017-10-15 19:51:43

SCR modeling and design optimization for industrial deNOx processes.We have completed multiple consulting projects for China Heavy Marine Corp and noted heavy truck manufacturers in China.


CFD Analysis Engineer Number:oneAddress:Jinan

Recruitment requirements :

Telephone 0755-86530421
Mobile Phone 18902478096 15588828798
E-mail info@envirnergy.com
Feedback 0755-86530421
Fax 0755-86530421

 Room 1201, Shenzhen Technology Industry Buliding, Nanshan, Shenzhen

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